Protecting Non-Smokers from Smoke

In May 2003 the Health Promotion Law took effect. It requires those running such facilities as schools, gymnasiums, hospitals, theaters, department stores, restaurants and coffee shops to implement measures to protect non-smoking users from the smoke of others. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare expects that the managers of these facilities will install such equipment as air-cleaners or air curtains, and set up smoking tables and counters with built-in extractor fans, or else separate smoking areas, to protect non-smoking users from passive smoking.
With this in mind, the National Life Finance Corporation has decided to make special provision for loans to allow for the installation of necessary equipment to prevent passive smoking. This will make it possible for the managers of restaurants and bars, coffe shops, hairdressers, beauticans, theaters, hotels, public baths and saunas to borrow a maximum of 30 millipn yen beyond ordinary loans.
These measures will allow for a more through approach to the prevention of passive smoking and will make a positive contribution to the creation of a healthier society.

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