Try to Look Good on High Heels - hugging killer pants

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Walking in a party or club on a five-inch high heels is something that really make you bound to get anyone's attention especially when you wear those high heels with a short skirt or a pair of pants hugging the killer's body.

So, for the night, you spend some time dancing, but you're just mostly sitting there, looking sexy and drinking a cocktail.

The truth is that you can not dance in your shoes longer than necessary. High heels are the ultimate tool for attraction and seduction but they are not really the most comfortable things on earth unlike your fuzzy bunny bedroom slippers.

Walking in high heels is an art and being able to effectively use high heels as an attraction tool, you must be able to master this art.

Possess the art of walking in high heels and you can have anyone at your mercy, ready to make your bid. So let's start by talking about the amount of experience you have to walk in high-heeled shoes.

If you have absolutely no experience, you should not just go buy five-inch stilettos because you could just break the ankles. Work your way up gradually by getting the kitten heels first because these are just usually about a half inch up to an inch high.

look good with higher heels
When you get used to them, you start to have shoes with high heels. It's also a good idea to choose Chunker heels rather than go for a thin-heeled pencil. It's about helping you with your balance and then you could tap your heels until you finally get around to walking in a heel. Once you master this, you can wear any shoe you like.

So you plan to go to this great party or a really romantic date with such a gorgeous guy and you want to dress up to impress and wear stilettos. When you are out shopping for your shoes, consider the place of the place. It's really not practical to wear stilettos when you go on a romantic date in the garden or when you're going to do a lot of walking.

You should also think about how long you are going to be walking in them and how long you can tolerate them. Now, when you finally bought a heel, remember that you have to take it on a test drive before the big event. You do not want to lose your balance or you will continue to reach down and adjust the straps every five minutes.

You want to be sure that you will look good and feel very comfortable in them. Plus, shoes are not created the same way keeping your balance might be different in this pair. Stay in your room and stroll around your house. You might even consider wearing them when you go out and buy food, the basket can help you keep your balance.

be carefull to choose the right high heels
When you're already out there in your heels, keep your body as straight as you can. Keep your legs together and focus on keeping your balance, you can't just jump around like you do when you're in the sneakers. Try to sit as much as possible so that your feet are resting.

When you go out to a party or something that will take a long time, keep a pair of apartments inside your bag. You never know when you will use it, but you'll always be glad you did. Walking barefoot on a sidewalk is never fun.


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